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Law enforcement partnerships and SRO update

Law enforcement partnerships and SRO update

Robbinsdale Area Schools (Rdale) has a number of close relationships and formal agreements with local law enforcement agencies. These decades-old partnerships include having police officers placed in some of our secondary schools as school resource officers (SROs). 

In recent days, you may have seen media reports related to a change in state law regarding the kinds of physical holds that are allowed by people who work in schools, including SROs. The updated law, which is Minnesota statute 121A.58, has caused widespread concern among law enforcement. As a result, many local law enforcement agencies are changing how they will provide services to schools and districts.

Rdale has been working with our local law enforcement agencies throughout the summer regarding this topic. Our leadership team has had multiple conversations with the Golden Valley, New Hope, Plymouth, and Robbinsdale police departments, which provide the district with SROs, as well as the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

What does this mean for our schools?

While each law enforcement agency has a unique position about how they plan to provide services in light of the new law, all of our partners are committed to supporting our schools for the upcoming school year.

  • Armstrong High School and Plymouth Middle School: The Plymouth Police Department is suspending the placement of SROs inside our schools at this time. They will continue to provide services related to safety and security at both schools. In the event of an emergency, 911 will need to be called.
  • Cooper High School: New Hope Police will continue to have SROs at Cooper High School, and they will continue to provide services related to safety and security. If an incident requires law enforcement intervention, school staff will call 911.
  • Robbinsdale Middle School: The Robbinsdale Police Department has told us they don't have the staffing at this time to provide SROs, but will revisit their plans later in the fall. When they do, their support will reflect the new state law.
  • Sandburg Middle School and Robbinsdale Academy-Highview: The district has been working with the Golden Valley Police Department to bring SROs back to campus, and a formal contract will be reviewed and considered by the Board of Education at its Sept. 6 meeting.
  • FAIR School Crystal: The district has a close partnership with the Crystal Police Department, and the school stopped using SROs in 2019.
  • Major events: Both the New Hope and Plymouth police departments are committed to supporting major school events, such as football games, at Armstrong and Cooper high schools.

Rdale will continue to work in constant partnership with local law enforcement partners as we begin the 2023-24 school year, and as the state legislative process is worked out.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Marti Voight
Assistant Superintendent
Robbinsdale Area Schools

Bo Powell
Director of Security
Robbinsdale Area Schools