Robbinsdale Area Schools

Make your voice heard as we create a new plan for student achievement

I am inviting you to join me in creating a better school district. It is time to develop a new strategic plan that embraces the new realities of our world, while maintaining what continues to work for our students.

The last time Robbinsdale Area Schools modified its strategic plan was 2018 – well before the pandemic and racial upheaval upended lives across the globe, and before public education in our nation was changed forever. 

We have contracted with Greenway Strategy Group to guide our process. Part of the first step is to gather feedback from our stakeholders. 

We want and need the input of students, families, educators, leaders and community members from across the district. 

We are counting on you, our families, to share your ideas and dreams for what comes next. Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey

Parents of secondary students: there will be opportunities for some students to participate in focus groups while in school on either April 5 and April 6. 

There will be additional, in-person opportunities for you to share your thoughts with our leaders and consultants. You can find out more about our strategic planning effort here. To help guide those conversations, please fill out the survey by Tuesday, April 19.

Thank you for helping Robbinsdale Area Schools create a plan that provides the education our students need and deserve.



David Engstrom