School Contact Information

Ms. Turner in the office

Main office: 763-504-8700
Fax: 763-504-8709

Attendance line: 763-504-8700

Mailing address: 2400 Sandburg Lane, Golden Valley MN 55422

Please note, for a speedier response, e-mail is always best. If you phone a staff member, they may not be able to speak with you while classes are in session. Due to data privacy concerns, teachers will not discuss a student over the phone while other students are present. All phone calls will be returned within 24 hours. 

For in-person meetings, we request that you make an appointment with the staff member you wish to speak with, as their daily schedules may vary.

Administration / Student Support

Toni Boyden, Head Principal
763-504-8701  |

Nick Ostrov, Admin Intern/Intake Coord/Spec Ed
763-504-8385  |

Tesha Turner, Building Admin. Asst.
763-504-8703  |

Penny Warren    Guidance/Program Asst
763-504-8702  |