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Robbinsdale Area Schools Enrollment Center manages the enrollment process for all new and returning K-12 students, as well as address changes. Our staff are happy to tell you more about our schools and special programs, such as Spanish immersion or dual-language, STEAM, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement courses. At the Enrollment Center, you can also learn about education benefits such as free and reduced lunch; busing and transportation; discuss health-related concerns and immunizations; as well as language assessment for English Learner Services.

Phone: 763-504-8080
Email: Enrollment@rdale.org
Address: 4148 Winnetka Avenue North, New Hope, MN 55427
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

School transfer (in-district):

If you're a current Robbinsdale Area Schools family and are looking to do a school transfer (in-district), including for Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA), please scroll down for the necessary forms and information, or apply by visiting our transfer portal: enrollmentoptions.rdale.org

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If you're interested in applying for in-district transfer or open enrollment, visit the application portal:


The kindergarten magnet lottery for families looking to enroll their students at FAIR School Pilgrim Lane, Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion (RSI), and the School for Engineering and Arts (SEA) is now open. The deadline to apply for the lottery is Feb. 25, 2022. Interested families can apply to enter the kindergarten lottery:


We invite you to explore our schools and find the right fit for you. 

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My daughter likes going to school and likes her teacher, which is a definite plus this year considering everything going on. I grew up in the district, and I don't think our public schools get enough credit. They're offering a lot of different variety than they did when I was in school, and it's kind of nice to get that as an option.

It's a district that produces. It produces for us and everyone. They offer programs where people can excel, and then they help.

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Enrollment Information

Bus Transportation

Families of students approved for school transfers will need to provide their own transportation to and from any non-magnet school outside of their attendance area. 

Read More about Bus Transportation
Family Guide

Our Early Childhood Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten Family Guide has lots of information about academic standards, school contact information registration timelines, early childhood resources and more.

Read More about Family Guide
Open enrollment notification

Once an open enrollment request is approved, families are not required to re-apply each year as long as the student remains continuously enrolled in the district.

Read More about Open enrollment notification
Walking Maps

"Walk zones" are established for each school. Students who live in the walk zone of their enrolled school are not eligible to ride the bus.

Read More about Walking Maps
What grade level is the lottery for?

The lottery is only for students enrolling in kindergarten for the first time. Admission/transfer to other grade levels, including FAIR Crystal, is processed via Enrollment Options.

Read More about What grade level is the lottery for?


The Robbinsdale Area Schools Enrollment Center supports families who decide homeschooling is the best choice for their students. Homeschools must comply with state requirements in accordance with the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Law.

New homeschoolers can enroll at any time during the school year. In order to enroll please submit the Initial Registration Form for Unaccredited Schools. If you plan to continue homeschooling subsequent years, a Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction must be submitted to our office indicating your intent to continue homeschooling and if any changes have been made (e.g., change in test selection, updated immunization records, change of address).


Alejandra Catarino Mendoza
Phone: 763-504-8065
Fax: 763-504-8081

By October 1, the resident school district must have one of the below forms on file for every student being homeschooled.  More than one student may be listed on these forms.