Information for Seniors

Important Graduation Information

Commencement will take place on Monday, June 5 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. 
*Highview seniors will walk with Armstrong or Cooper High Schools.

Highview students will need to meet deadlines with having all credits completed and entered into the system to take part in graduation. Seniors can be missing 1 credit to walk, but will not receive your diploma.  If seniors are missing 2 credits they will not be allowed to walk during graduation.

Students can only participate in the ceremony of the school issuing their diploma. A survey will be sent out as we get closer to graduation asking which graduation students will take part in. Sarah Gaustad will confirm the selection during the exit interview when students completes their final credit. 

Live Stream Information

Next Steps: 

  1. Monitor student’s Individualized Learning Plan to track their progress toward graduation, talk with your senior frequently to monitor their credit status. 

  2. Discuss which graduation ceremony your senior will take part in: Armstrong or Cooper. 

  3. Place Cap & Gown Orders ASAP. The deadline for Armstrong is February 24th. The deadline for Cooper is February 10th.

  4. Plan to attend parent-teacher conferences scheduled for February 16, April 20, and May 11. Please take advantage of this opportunity to verify your senior’s progress toward graduation with their advisor and guidance counselor.

  5. Remind your student to participate in an exit interview with Sarah Gaustad when they complete their final credit. During this exit interview, your student will return their Chromebook, update personal contact information and verify their graduation plans.

  6. If you have any questions about your senior, please contact Mr. Ware, Principal at Highview:

  7. Regularly check this webpage for updates to graduation.

  8. Follow Highview on Social Media to get the most up to date information:    Facebook        Twitter

Armstrong General Info for Seniors

Cooper General Info for Seniors